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New Release Book
Ezra Randle

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About the Author

Ezra Randle is a motivator of people.  His compassion and drive causes others around him to pursue their goals and ambitions.  He mentors and invests into people’s futures, causing them to pursue and not abandon their aspirations in life. He retired from UPS as a driver, delivering packages after 30 years of service.  He served the Elk City and Weatherford communities with his hard work, dedication, and a smile. Ezra has only had a few jobs during his career and credits Wal-Mart, store 134 for his caring disposition towards others. Ezra was only 16 years old when he was introduced to that brand new store in 1975 that needed all the fixtures put up.  His circle of influence extends from his local community to varying cities across the country.  He has written this reference book to help families and business minded people.  Not only will this book bring order to all of your important business archives and documents, but it will help you be efficient in doing so.

Paperback Version is Available

A Best-Selling
Book by
Ezra Randle

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